Server Support

Server Support

Macrotech Solutions offers professional server support services for a plethora of  businesses.

Located in frankston, Macrotech Solutions provides professional advice, server Customization and Server installation and more, through a highly experienced Professional, staffed by capably qualified  technicians. We are the experts when it comes to providing server support services.

We provide complete service and support for small sized businesses. Complete from more demanding environments to straightforward environments such as small offices or home offices or in any way you need. We have very diversified client base from manufacturing  industries,  Accounting practices,  Architects, Engineering firms, Solicitors, Human Resource, Vet Clinics, Real Estate, Retailers, Home office users, and so forth. The technical staff  are considerably experienced across a wide range of industry types and applications.

For trusted and experienced professional advice on all of your business server issues, contact Macrotech Solutions on 03-87591801 or 1300 663 621

Comprehensive Server Support Services

We can work with your business to deliver:-

  • Regular server support and maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of server and workstation issues.
  • Web and database server security solutions.
  • Antivirus and spam control licensing and recommendations.
  • Reliable backup strategies.
  • Data recovery and disaster management strategies.
  • Virus detection and removal.
  • Server and Workstation customization.

Server Support for all makes, models and business sizes.

Macrotech Solutions can provide Service  for a wide range of server brands, including:-

  • HP
  • Dell
  • IBM
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Windows server

Our comprehensive  partnerships with major suppliers also allow us to provide a range of low-cost Servers, Workstation, Server Software, Security Software’s and  Licensing  ensuring the most cost effective solution to your Business needs.